Risk Control

Risk control services will be provided by York Risk Services Group.

Once the captive is launched, members and prospective members will undergo Risk Assessments annually or bi-annually and will be held to the highest standards of safety. They must meet clear benchmarks in order to participate in the program. If a member does not meet the criteria established, they will be given the opportunity and resources to improve their performance. If they do not meet risk control criteria after a certain period of time then they will non-renewed by the program.

As Your Loss Control Partner, York ARS Will:

  • Conduct a thorough study of the company including exposures, hazards and accidents
  • Review current loss control efforts, physical location and loss records
  • Assist in creating or updating an Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Evaluate existing hazard analysis and control measures with emphasis on identifying both physical and behavioral hazards
  • Work area surveys
  • Create an “Action Plan” with recommendations to strengthen existing programs, where appropriate
  • Periodically review the Action Plan to evaluate progress and effectiveness
  • Assist with Cal OSHA compliance or safety standards